Standard Pressure (SP-1)


(Good for line pressures not exceeding 70 PSI (pounds per square inch such as you would find in the typical American home. This unit will reduce the flow rate of the water under normal line pressures by approximately 10%).    

Standard Pressure (SP-1) - Standard Pressure

Dimensions: 11 inches long; 3 inches wide; 11 pounds

1 inch Stainless Steel, In-Line Unit - line sizes from 1/2 to 1 inch diameter

Note: Due to the cleansing nature of structured water, you may initially notice that the water coming through your pipes is partially cloudy in appearance. This is a temporary condition which normally clears up in a fairly short period of time. The cloudiness is a result of the water actually cleansing out the built up mineral scale in older plumbing. BTW, some studies show that structured water will do the same thing to your own plumbing! (arteries).

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