Benefits of Crystal Blue Structuring Units for Agriculture

Our Crystal Blue Structuring Units are considered “The Most Needed Device In Agriculture Today!” because it has the same energy and vitality as rainwater. Here are the top 5 Reason to Install Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units on your irrigation lines.

1. Reduce irrigation costs by up to 30%

2. Reduce Fertilizer and Pesticide costs by up to 50%

3. Increase Yield 15-35%

4. Descales irrigation lines and sprinklers

5. No Maintenance Required

California Citrus Orange Grove- without

Crystal Blue Structure Unit

California Citrus Orange Groves- with

Crystal Blue Structure Unit

Crystal Blue Structured Water for Agriculture

The use of Crystal Blue for agricultural water makes it possible to grow healthier fruits and vegetables and livestock, which is a main part of our diet.

Crystal Blue Structured water enhances the quality of Agricultural of irrigation water. The water is softer, energized and water toxins are neutralized. Physical growth stimulation of the crops are 100% Guaranteed.

-Reduces water consumption by 25% – 30%

-Increases plant hydration

-Increases mineral uptake

-Increases nutrient density

-Increases growth rate

-Increases percolation rate

-Increases transpiration

-Decreases evaporation

-Reduces need for fertilizers and pesticides

-Plants withstand lower freezing temperatures

-Decreases irrigation costs

-Up to 50% higher yields

-Increased profits!

-Increased Immunity to Disease

-Increased Size and Strength

-Increased Hydration

-Faster Growth Rates

-Increased Milk Production

-Less Birthing Complications

-Health Maintenance reduced by 30% or more

-More Eggs/Bigger Eggs & Chickens

-Mortality Rates reduced by 30-50%

-Eradication of Anaerobic Bacteria and Odor

Case Studies

Gherkins Cultivation

26% increase in yield after using Structured Water

Yield increased from 3227kg to 4067kg

Zucchini Cultivation

After using structured water yield increased by 14%

Yield increased from 13 inches to 15 inches

Beans Cultivation

153% increase in yield

Yield increased from 26 kg to 66 kg

Okra Cultivation

Yield increased by 65% using structured water

Yield increased from 94kgs to 154kgs

Radish Cultivation

Yield increased by 79% using structured water

Yield increased from 48kgs to 88kgs

Green Chilly Cultivation

Yield increased by 56% using structured water

Yield increased from 38 kg to 69 kg using structured water

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