Stainless Steel Personal Hand Held Water Structuring Units


* The ALL NEW Stainless Steel Personal Hand Held featuring the same high quality construction and technology as our premium series “All Purpose Stainless Units”.


Dimensions: 5.5 inches long; 1.8 inches wide; 2.5 pounds

Note: These units should be rinsed with vinegar and water if used for any beverage other than water, such as wine.

Most of us have an intrinsic appreciation for Gold that goes beyond its obvious durability and beauty. As many of you who have been reading this web site may remember, a large section of this web site was devoted to the topic of the beneficial effect of Graphene for its ability to protect the copper inner core or our Special Purpose Water Structuring units from corrosion due to oxidation caused by repeated exposure to the air, and we were using it with good success on our original prototypes. But the thought kept pestering us to look more closely into electroplating our inner copper tubes with pure 24 karat Gold instead, and we am very glad we listened! We tried it out on our Hand Held/Faucet and Shower and Undersink units and boy does it work, and works really well – better even than the Graphene! So what could we do? Yes, it is VERY expensive, but we also want to be able to sleep at night… So, and with all due consideration of the considerable extra expense aside, we are proud to say that we are the GOLD STANDARD in all the world when it comes to treating water the way it should be treated.

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